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About us
Naseri Constructions Pty Ltd is a small business with a team of multi-skilled individuals in the field of tiling and bathroom and kitchen restoration. To us, our clients are individuals, families and savvy investors who are each deserving of top tiling design and delivery, regardless of budget. We treat each home we build as if it were our own.Our creativity and flexibility are evidenced by the personalized solutions we develop for our clients and the customized attention we give to each and every one of our projects.It is your home and we respect and promote your individuality. This is our goal.

About me

I believe the key to an enjoyable and rewarding building experience is ensuring that open and honest communication is maintained throughout. This philosophy is applied from your initial inquiry with us until well after the completion and handover of your new home, ensuring your total peace of mind.
I come from a family of builders. I discovered my passion for building while going to my father’s building company before school from the age of 6. It was the sense of camaraderie and teamwork that first attracted me to the industry.
I started my apprenticeship about thirty years ago after being educated as a builder in my hometown in 1996.
I arrived in Australia in 2013 and decided to continue working as a tiler; to achieve that goal I have obtained a tiling license and have worked to improve my skills and develop better understanding of Australian Building standards. After that, I set up a Corporation for the development of my work in 2017.
Founder and director,
Behrooz Naseri (Bruce)